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Part 2

The Ultimate Guide

Signing In and Creating your First Facebook Ad Campaign with Metrixa AdManager


Hi there!
Welcome to Metrixa AdManager. You're one step closer to managing efficient Facebook campaigns with half the effort. Consider this document as your official tour guide to help you get acquainted with your new software and assist with any troubleshooting issues you might encounter.
Let's get started!

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Creating your first campaign and ad sets

Now that you've downloaded your campaigns you're ready to create your first campaign.

Click on the campaigns tab in the bottom left and you will see a list of campaigns in your main window.

Part 2 Step 1

Add a new campaign by clicking the "Add Campaign" button at the top select the campaign type you wish you to execute.

Part 2 Step 2

Then start filling in the details.

Part 2 Step 3

Once that's done, repeat the same process for ad sets. Change your view to ad sets and then click "add ad set". Select the campaign for this ad set and then enter the settings for your ad set in the editing panel.

Part 2 Step 4

Creating your first ad

Now that you've added in a campaign and an ad set, you're ready to create an ad. (For this example, we will create an image ad.)

Change your view to "Ads" then click "Add new Ad". Your screen should look like this:

Part 2 Step 5

Select the campaign and the ad set for this ad and click ok. Then begin crafting your ad.

Metrixa Ad Manager can source images from your asset library in Facebook, or allows you to upload files from your desktop device

Part 2 Step 6

You can also preview how the ad will look on various placements in the bottom right hand corner.

Part 2 Step 7

Once you've finished crafting your ad, simply click “post changes” at the top of your screen and your changes will be applied to your live Facebook Ads account

Not ready to publish the ad yet? Simply hit “save” instead and your ad will save as a draft for reviewing. Once you're reviewed your ads, or are within range of internet connection, click "post" to publish your ad.

Part 2 Step 8

We’re always tweaking Metrixa AdManager to keep it working at its best.

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