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Now's the time to think about how you manage your social media ads.

With industry predictions suggesting that social media advertising spend is only going to rise, it's critical businesses of all sizes start to prepare today.
There's no doubt that Facebook and Instagram campaigns have become increasingly complex; touching customers across multiple points in the purchase journey. Automation and sophisticated systems have meant that there is great ROI to be achieved through social, and the business that take advantage of this are set for future growth.
However, if you're anything like most businesses, there's lag between the sophisticated social strategies that businesses are implementing and the technology that supports it. Many marketing teams and media agencies continue to use the management platforms supplied by social media platforms; potentially hindering the efficient implementation of campaigns and increasing the risk of inaccuracies. It's important to know that there are alternatives available.To understand whether your business requires the capabilities of a different software solution, consider the below.

The sophistication and scale of your current campaigns

If social media is a vital part of your marketing strategy (as it should be) and you are investing significantly in Facebook and Instagram as an advertising platform, upkeep of campaigns can quickly become difficult to manage.
If your team is struggling to keep track of advertisements due to multiple audience dimensions and creative this may be a sign that an alternative software solution is for you.

The initial time investment in learning the ins and outs of a new platform is worth it to avoid out of date content being promoted to potential customers.

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Workflow management and accuracy requirements

If your category is subject to additional regulation or an industry-specific advertising code of conduct, it is critical that all creative output is checked (and rechecked) to ensure a seamless customer experience and minimise litigation risk.
This can be difficult to guarantee without specific approval processes and the ability to track changes. If you're finding that inaccuracies seem to plague your current social advertisements, this is a critical sign that you need to look carefully at an alternative solution.

Your reporting requirements

Do you require access to campaign performance reporting in a split second? Who doesn't?
Truly data-centric businesses require every decision to be founded on customer insight. When selecting a software partner, take into account he reporting capabilities of the platform to ensure that it adequately meets this need. 

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Deadlines for creative output

If your team is expected to turn around campaigns, artwork and copy to tight deadlines, relying on temperamental online ad management platforms can be detrimental to overall business performance.
There's nothing worse than putting a planned promotion on hold because a Campaign Manager's computer has decided to die – or worse, because the building's wifi is unavailable.

If you require speed to make the most of every tactical opportunity that presents itself, an alternative social ad management platform may work for you.

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