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AUDIT: How to make your Facebook business page stand out

Despite some recent slip-ups, Facebook remains as the largest social media channel with over 1 billion active users connected worldwide.
On average, 1.40 billion log in on every day, with 1.15 billion users on mobile devices.
Needless to say that if your business isn't on Facebook you're missing out on a massive portion of the market.

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Users on mobile devices
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However, it's not effective to make a Facebook business page and then post sporadically or neglect it. Customers look to your Facebook page for company updates and for answers when they are experiencing issues with your site.

As Facebook is an extension of your brand voice and your customer service team, it is vital that your page is active, frequently monitored and updated appropriately to reflect your company values, culture and tone.

To help you out, we've compiled a checklist to audit your channels and ensure that your Facebook company page is well maintained.

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